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Education and Projects

Here in Europe there are still widely spread clichés when it comes to Native American culture. We would like to educate the public about the big diversity of Native American nations.

We advise German educators and teachers who would like to teach children about Native American nations. A lot of books and teaching material published in German provide wrong information. This needs to be corrected.

We are constantly looking for good teaching material that could be translated into German. We would like to provide first hand information as much as possible.  That is why we invite Native American lecturers to hold lessons at German preschools and schools. It always depends on who is currently in Germany, who is able to teach in different age groups and who has enough time. Not only the knowledge is important, but also the way this knowlegde is presented to the children.

Joe Hobay (Kiowa) teaching about shapes and forms using a pattern for a paper tipi at a German preschool.

If you know about good books for different age groups and good teaching material, please, let us know. If you are a teacher or educator, you live in Germany, and you would like to support us, please, send us an e-mail or give us a call.

If you live in the United States or Canada and you are well experienced in teaching about history, customs, traditions, contemporary lifestyle and ongoing projects of your own nation, please, feel free to contact us.

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