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Central Contact Center for Native Americans in Europe

Education Information Center for Europeans

Native Americans have been stationed in Germany since 1945. Far away from home they had get-togethers and hosted powwows that took place mainly on US Military installations, unnoticed by the German public.

Over the years, more and more Germans have taken part in their activities. Working hand in hand they organized cultural events,  seminars with Native American guest speakers and powwows that were open to the public. In 1994, the Native American Association of Germany e.V. was founded in order to maintain a meeting point and a first contact center over here in Germany. For more information, please visit the site "About us".

Stereotypes are the main reason why Native Americans living in Europe are not even identified as such, unless they  talk about their heritage and nationality. A lot of Europeans and especially children expect Native Americans to wear buckskin and feathers. This has always been a problem. It makes communication at eye level very difficult. The widespread stereotypes cause that a majority of Europeans do not recognize Native American nations for what they are - sovereign nations within the United States of America or within Canada. 

Recently, we are noticing a rise in awareness among Europeans. We welcome this development and will focus on education by sharing videos and collecting links to websites that provide first hand knowledge. We will publish as much information in German language as possible.